Volunteers welcome your support – a little or a lot

In this darkest, stormiest time of year, kittens keep coming on Quadra. Pet cats are lost and abandoned. And island volunteers are still working hard to help felines in need, including supporting local pet owners with spaying and neutering.

“Since 2009, we’ve helped approximately 1,200 cats and kittens with medical care and adoption. This is ongoing work, and there are many ways people can be part of the solution,” says Janet Massey. “We really appreciate the people who step up to help us find lost and abandoned cats and kittens, and all the pet owners ensuring their cats are fixed as soon as possible.”

How you can help reduce the number of homeless cats and kittens on Quadra.

  • Tru Value Spirit Board Points: This type of giving helps islanders support dozens of important causes. Quadra Cat Rescue’s number is 280.
  • Canadian Tire Points: Turn these into gift cards for Quadra Cat Rescue. (Canadian Tire Money now phased out.)
  • Cat Food and Supplies: Donate unopened food or supplies such as kitty litter
  • Foster: Without a shelter facility, Quadra Cat Rescue relies on local residents to temporarily house cats and kittens awaiting adoption.
  • Adopt: Complete the adoption form.
  • Spay and Neuter: The most important thing people can do to help reduce the number of homeless cats and kittens is to spay and neuter pets before they reproduce. Quadra Cat Rescue can help with discounted rates and transportation.
  • Donate: As a registered charity, Quadra Cat Rescue provides income tax receipts for donations.
  • Volunteer: Quadra Cat Rescue welcomes new people to assist, especially with foster homes, transportation and monitoring community cats.