Let’s make a deal! Quadra Cat Rescue kitten adoption doesn’t cost a caboodle

Interested in adopting a cat or kitten? Quadra Cat Rescue has a deal for you – kittens
that are already vaccinated and spayed or neutered, for $250.

“We are currently overwhelmed with kittens on Quadra, and more kittens from pet cats
are being advertised, some even offered for free,” says Quadra Cat Rescue volunteer Val
van Veen. “We know people love their pets and want to keep them healthy and happy.
And since the cost for basic vet care, vaccinations and spaying a ‘free’ kitten can be up to
$400, adopting through our rescue group saves people time and money – and helps
prevent future homeless kittens.”

“We already have far more kittens on Quadra than we can house, and the cold, rainy
winter season brings unnecessary suffering for kittens fending for themselves,” adds
volunteer Janet Massey. “We’re reminding islanders they can help us reduce the number
of homeless cats on Quadra – and ensure every kitten grows up as a loved family pet.”

“Thanks to generous donations, Quadra Cat Rescue has spayed and neutered hundreds
and hundreds of cats and kittens since the group formed in 2009. And we’ve found
homes for many that turned out to be strays or abandoned,” van Veen adds. “But more
and more kittens keep coming, and the root of the problem is unfixed pet cats.”

Thinking of letting your cat have kittens? Please, don’t litter. In three years, one cat
pregnancy and reproduction by her kittens can lead to up to 500 births. Spaying and
neutering pet cats before they start having kittens is key to solving the problem of too
many cats and not enough homes.

If you love cats, please do your part by spaying and neutering pet cats.

For more information, to volunteer, adopt or make a donation, or to inquire about
discounted spay and neuter opportunities contact Quadra Cat Rescue by telephone at
250-285-CATS (2287), email quadracatrescue@yahoo.com or contact us via our
Facebook page – where we post lost pets, as well as cats and kittens available for