Quadra Cat Rescue has several eligible bachelors and bachelorettes available for adoption. If you’re in the market for feline companionship, check out these locals seeking a secure place to call home for the rest of their days. Interested in someone? Complete the Adoption Form.


Gorgeous George

Snapshot: Large (extra long), neutered male with amber eyes. Medium-haired ginger tabby with clean white socks, chest, tummy and moustache. Approximately nine years old.

Backstory: Gorgeous George was orphaned when his person passed away.

Temperament: This gentleman is a chatterbox with a soft, sweet meow. He’s a lap cat by nature and loves hands on his lush fur coat. George is a daytime nap cat, and doesn’t hold a grudge if you leave him on his own for a while. He will happily join you under the covers for a late-morning sleep-in. Content to be indoors-only at his foster home.

Compatibility: George hides from loud noises. Gets along with the other cat and respectful dog in his foster home. Would probably prefer to be the star of the show.



Snapshot: Stocky, short-haired orange and white, neutered male. Approximately three years old.

Backstory: Moe was hanging around a home in Heriot Bay for several months in fall 2022.

Temperament: Playful, well-socialized, and eager for attention. Likes to be patted. Happy and calm as an indoor-only cat at his foster home. His soft, sweet meow contrasts with his husky, macho looks.

Compatibility: Does well with other cats in his foster home.


Miraculous Mochi

Snapshot: Three-year-old, black and white, neutered male.

Backstory: Mochi disappeared two and a half years ago when he slipped out the door at his first adoptive home shortly after arrival. He was never seen again, and we assume he was fending for himself. During that time, his family moved off the island, and this miracle stray is ready for a new home.

Temperament: Mild-mannered, quiet and affectionate. (Head butts to demonstrate affection.)

Compatibility: Actively cuddles with several cats and relaxed around dogs in his foster home.

Tom Tom

Tom Tom

Snapshot: Short-haired, black and white neutered male, with a freckled face, unusual wooly coat and curly whiskers. Approximately six years old.

Backstory: Tom Tom is a stray who obviously lived with people before. He’s been homeless and hanging around a property for about three years, gradually becoming very eager to get to the people inside. But the cats already living there don’t want Tom Tom to move in.

Youthful Quadruplets

Snapshot: Four mostly-black kittens, three male and one female, some with white marking. Approximately six months old. All spayed/neutered.

Background: Offspring of a pet cat, raised indoors.

Temperament: Super friendly, playful, affectionate, healthy.

female kitten for adoption
Male kitten for adoption, Feb 2023
Male kitten for adoption, Feb 2023

Quadra Cat Rescue continues to get calls about unwanted litters of kittens as well as numerous stray and abandoned cats. Volunteers are caring of far more felines than the current demand for pets in our area.

Getting cats spayed or neutered before they reproduce helps ensure that every cat on Quadra Island is homed, healthy and really wanted. Quadra Cat Rescue offers discounted rates for spays and neuters for island residents. Find out more here.

Since 2009, island volunteers have helped more than 1,200 cats and kittens.

How you can help:

  • Contact Quadra Cat Rescue to arrange to have your pet spayed or neutered.
  • Volunteer to temporarily foster or become a neighbourhood monitor.
  • Adopt an already-fixed adult cat from Quadra Cat Rescue to free up foster space.
  • Sponsor a kitten’s healthy start with $400 for basic vet care (vaccination and neutering).
  • Donate Tru Value Foods Spirit Board points
  • Contact the group to purchase a $100 gift card to the Heriot Bay store that you can use to buy
    groceries over time.
  • Donate to Quadra Cat Rescue (provide mailing address for tax receipts!):
    • e-transfer via email to quadracatrescue@yahoo.com
    • mail a cheque (Box 192 Heriot Bay, V0P 1H0)
    • through Coastal Community Credit Union
    • or use PayPal here

Contact Quadra Cat Rescue by email to quadracatrescue@yahoo.com, Facebook message, or call 250-285-CATS (2287).