Quadra Cat Rescue volunteers are struggling to find homes for cats and kittens in their care.

“Many people became pet owners during the pandemic, and that was beneficial for both the animals and their people. But a number of those pets now need to be re-homed,” says Quadra Cat Rescue volunteer Janet Massey. “Batches of kittens and stray and abandoned cats are regularly turned over to us, and we’re taking care of far more than the current demand for pets in our area.”

In past, Quadra Cat Rescue has been able to take surplus kittens to a vet clinic in Victoria that operates a rescue kitten adoption program. But that clinic is currently full with animals waiting for homes. Without a shelter facility, Quadra Cat Rescue relies on volunteers to foster cats and kittens waiting for their forever home. The group is asking for more people to temporarily foster or adopt adult cats.

“The challenges of managing the Quadra cat population never let up. Spaying and neutering is the long-term solution, and we urge absolutely everyone to get their cats and kittens fixed before they reproduce,” Massey adds. “This helps prevent the fear and suffering of cats and kittens struggling for survival on their own.”

“Staying on top of the cat overpopulation problem is essential. Even a few kittens left unfixed can quickly set us back in our work because one unfixed pair of cats and their reproducing offspring can add up to 500 kittens within just three years,” adds Quadra Cat Rescue volunteer Valerie van Veen. “Getting your pet fixed is a vital step toward ensuring that every cat on Quadra Island is homed, healthy, and really wanted.”

Quadra Cat Rescue offers discounted rates for spays and neuters for island residents.

New website

“A huge round of applause for a purr-fect new website by Quadra’s own Sarah James,” says van Veen. “Sarah’s design features many photos of cats and kittens that have come into our care. The website offers quick access to our adoption form and information about our purpose and how you can support volunteers working to help the island’s people and pets.”

Funding thanks

“Quadra Cat Rescue thanks retiring Area C Director Jim Abram and the Strathcona Regional District for grant funding over the years to assist with the cost of spaying and neutering cats in need,” says van Veen. “With the pandemic preventing fundraising with concessions and craft booth at community events, local government financial support has been even more important.”

Quadra Cat Rescue has also received a grant from the BC SPCA for spaying and neutering a group of unsocialized cats in the Quathiaski Cove area.

“We’re grateful for partnerships and support from other animal rescue organizations, and to the people who continue to donate Tru Value Foods Spirit Board points to our group,” van Veen adds.

Since 2009, island volunteers have helped more than 1,200 cats and kittens. Last year, Quadra Cat Rescue helped more than 100 felines and their people:

  • 80 cats spayed/neutered thanks to grant funding and community donations
  • 13 cats/kittens adopted to local homes (all vaccinated and fixed)
  • 19 Quadra Island kittens adopted out through a Victoria vet clinic
  • Five community cat colonies monitored (all spayed/neutered, population declining as older cats die)
  • About a dozen unadoptable cats remain in permanent foster homes.

How you can help:

  • Contact Quadra Cat Rescue to arrange to have your pet spayed or neutered.
  • Volunteer to temporarily foster or become a neighbourhood monitor.
  • Adopt an already-fixed adult cat from Quadra Cat Rescue to free up foster space.
  • Sponsor a kitten’s healthy start with $400 for basic vet care (vaccination and neutering).
  • Donate Tru Value Foods Spirit Board points
  • Contact the group to purchase a $100 gift card to the Heriot Bay store that you can use to buy groceries over time.
  • Donate to the Quadra Cat Rescue (provide mailing address for tax receipts!):
    • e-transfer via email to quadracatrescue@yahoo.com
    • mail a cheque (Box 192 Heriot Bay, V0P 1H0)
    • through Coastal Community Credit Union
    • or use PayPal

Contact Quadra Cat Rescue by email to quadracatrescue@yahoo.com, Facebook message, or call 250-285-CATS (2287).