Huge thanks to all the Fall Fair goers who stopped by at the Quadra Cat Rescue booth to
purchase an ice cream float or make a donation.

“People’s generosity at the fair will help us spay or neuter another two cats,” reports Valerie van
Veen of the volunteer group. “Over three years, one cat pregnancy and reproduction by her
kittens can lead to up to 500 births, so the funds raised this weekend will help us prevent as
many as 1,000 homeless kittens born on Quadra.”

Quadra Cat Rescue has fixed nearly 300 cats and kittens since March 2009 – and found homes
for many that turned out to be strays or abandoned.

“We have a shortage of volunteers to transport cats and kittens to and from the vet clinics in
Campbell River, and we need more foster homes to help us care for kittens until they’re ready
for adoption, so we welcome people to be in touch if they can help – a little or a lot!” van Veen
adds. “And we have lots of cats and kittens available for adoption, so if you’re looking to adopt a
forever feline friend, please call!”

People who could benefit from Quadra Cat Rescue’s group spay‐neuter rate are encouraged to
contact the organization.

For more information, to volunteer or adopt already‐fixed felines, or to make a donation,
contact Quadra Cat Rescue by telephone: 250‐285‐CATS (2287) or via email