my cat is missing!

What to do if your cat is lost.

Contact neighbours.

“Lost cats” are usually very close to home or the spot where they were last seen. Neighbours can help by keeping an eye out and making sure the cat isn’t shut in a basement, garage, garden shed or outbuilding.

Post notices throughout your neighbourhood.

Include a photo, date, location and contact name and phone number.

Share online.

Post information on Facebook to Quadra Island Pets and Animals, the Corkboard and Swap and Shop. Send photo and information to Quadra Cat Rescue so we can post on our Facebook page.

Entice the cat with familiar smells.

Put food, water, their litter box and a nest box in a sheltered location outside. Inside the nest box, place a blanket or a piece of clothing that smells like the cat’s home. (Avoid using cat carriers because a lot of cats associate them with bad past experiences.)

Keep looking.

Indoor cats and frightened cats that go missing can hide out for days, even weeks. Look at night when it’s quiet so you have a chance of hearing meows. Use a flashlight to look for reflective cat eyes in the dark.

Let people know if you’ve found a stray.

Contact neighbours and share information on line to help anyone who might be looking for a cat.

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