Cats & Kittens

Quadra Cat Rescue relies on volunteer homes to care for cats and kittens while they’re awaiting adoption. While it can be very rewarding work, it’s also a commitment. We work to match foster home availability with suitable animal(s) in need.

Interested in fostering? Here’s what it takes.

Suitable space: A spare bedroom or bathroom can work well as a dedicated spot for cats and kittens while they’re getting used to a new location. Some cats and kittens will do well with families and other pets. Others need a quiet oasis. Since safety is the top priority, foster cats and kittens must be kept indoors.

Time: The length of time cats and kittens need fostering can vary. No matter how long they’re in care, cats and kittens need attention – and some need more attention than others. Very young kittens need feeding at regular intervals, and some cats and kittens may need medicine.

In all cases, litter boxes need daily cleaning. Bedding and food and water dishes need washing. (Quadra Cat Rescue provides any medications required and can supply food as well as items such as: large cages, carry cages, litter boxes, food and water dishes, beds and bedding, toys, and scratching posts.)

Patience: We don’t know the background of stray cats, and some need more time to feel safe than others. It can take weeks or months before we see an adult cat’s true personality. Also, kittens have a lot of energy. Patience is key for fostering.

Communication: While Quadra Cat Rescue takes care of transportation, we need to be able to reach foster homes to coordinate vet visits and potential adoption. We also rely on foster homes for regular updates on cats and kittens in care. Solid, detailed descriptions of a cat or kitten’s character help us find suitable forever homes as quickly as possible.

Letting go: This is the tough part. It’s hard not to fall in love with cats and kittens in care. If you’re looking for a long-term companion, or a couple, talk to us about adoption or semi-permanent fostering of an older cat.

Safety first! Quadra Cat Rescue conducts home checks of all foster homes to confirm that we are placing animals in safe, savvy homes. We will consider placing our animals in homes with existing dogs/cats.

Please see our fostering agreement for more details, then contact us with a description of your location, your household and your ability to meet our fostering requirements.