Since 2009, Quadra Cat Rescue volunteers have been working hard to reduce the number of homeless cats on Quadra. We’ve fixed hundreds of cats – and found homes for most of these. And it’s all funded by generous donations.

But more and more kittens keep coming – and the root of the problem is unfixed pet cats. More kittens are fending for themselves than we can get into foster care through Quadra Cat Rescue.

But there is hope. Other island communities have brought cat overpopulation under control. On Quadra, we can solve the problem too. We can reduce the number of homeless cats. We can end the cycle of unnecessary suffering – and ensure every kitten grows up to be a beloved family pet.

If you love cats, please do your part. The humane solution to this human-caused problem is spaying and neutering.

The optimal age to spay/neuter is before kittens are five months old. Fill out the Spay/Neuter Request Form to get in on group-rate spays and neuters.

And if you’re thinking of adopting a fixed cat or kitten, please consider Quadra Cat Rescue. View our cats and kittens for adoption (and we’re always looking for temporary foster homes.)